1-5а - January 1991

аа 1-Oct-Nov'83; 2-Jan'84; 3-Spring'84; 4-Summer'84; 5-Sep'84

аааааа The Origin Of Species-a step-by-step guide to the evolution of animals/

аааа ааThe Standard, March 39, 1984/ Melody Maker, May 19, 1973/ The Gong EP/

аааааа Then There Were Four/ Easy Riding With Pink Floyd/ Melody Maker, May 3,1969/

аааааа The Standard,March 27, 1984/ Roger Waters Goes аHitch Hiking/

ааааа аIn Every Stranger's Eyes-Reg/ First And Last/ British аWinter Tour аProgramme 1974/

аааааа Guitars And Claviers May 1984/ Melody Maker, аDecember 5, 1970/

аааааа BT:California Stockyard, The Great Lost Floyd Album, Survivor, Double Bubble,

аааааа Stairstep To Abandon/ Melody Maker, October 9, 1971. 20$


6-10 - August 1991

аааааа 6-Christmas'84; 7-Jan'85; 8-Feb'85; 9-Mar'85; 10-May'85

аааааа Mary Turner: Off The Record/ Rolling Stone, September 16, 1982/

аааааа Disc And Music Echo- July 25, 1970/а Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun/

аааааа Welcome To Earls Court.../ Magic/а Sounds, January 29, 1972/Melody Maker,

аааааа November 16, 1974/а Melody Maker, October 3, 1970/а RM, November 13, 1971/

аааааа Pink Floyd Christmas Party/а Pink Floyd Live In Montreux/аа British Winter

аааааа Tour Programme 1974/аа The Thinking Hipsters Guide To Pink Floyd/аа Music

аааааа For Pleasure/а Pink Floyd Badges/аа About Face/а Italian Rarities/а The Merry

аааааа Christmas Song/а Gini/аа Rolling Stone, November 26, 1970/а Melody Maker,

аааааа June 17,1972/а The Unknown Soldier/а BT:Birmingham Town Hall,Thanks For

аа ааааThe Ride,Mihalis. 20$


37аа - June 1989

аааааа A Nice Pair/ All Aboard For The Euro Tour/ Could It Ever Have Been аDifferent ?/

аааааа A Collection Of Floydian Slips/ Midweek, Aug'88/ Sounds, аDec.18, 1982/

аааааа From The Sublime To.../Learning To Fly/Sounds, Sept.30'78/ The Pink Floyd Story pt.7/

аааааа NME Nov 11'78/ NME Nov 18'78/ Melody Maker Sep. 27, 1975/ Fanzines/

аааааа Any Colour You Like/ The Pink Dimension/ Dave Bedfordа аInterview/

аааааа Tap Smalls-Plugs/ Sorrow/ Relics/ Media Log/ Blackpool Evening Gazette, April 28th,1989. 20$


38аа - August 1989

аааааа Great Gigs In 1989/Review of the Tour/ Tap Plugs/ Blue Movies/ Variety, July 19-25, 1989/

аааааа Order Out Of KAOS/ The Pink Floyd Story pt8/ Sounds, Nov 17'79/ Melody Maker,Mar31'79/

аааааа Melody Maker '80/ NME,Mar 8,80/ Fanzines/ Sounds,Nov 17'79/ Is There Anybody Out ааа

аааааа There...James?/ NME,June 16'79/ Sounds, May 26'79/ Sounds,Oct 13'79/ MM June 20'81/

аааааа MM, Apr 18'81/ NME аFeb 11'79/ Rock'n'Rainforests/ From Russia With Love/

аааааа Evening Standard,June 6,1989/ Q&A/ Tap Smalls/ Floyd Among The Flowers/ Relics/

аааааа Media Log. 20$


39аа - October 1989 - The KATE BUSH Special

аааааа NME,Sept 16'89/ Get Back To Radio/ Rolling The Ball/ Bush-Gilmour аDiscography/

аааа ааPink Floyd paints the town red/ More Furious Madness From The Massed Gadgets Of аа

аааааа Auximenes/ Fanzines/ Gold Meddle/ Japan Times Weekly 12th March 1988/

аааааа Always Crashing In The Same Car/ Fictious Sports/ How Pink Floyd Defeated Psychedelia/

аааааа Tap Smalls/ Q&A/ Love And Rockets/а Relics/а Media Log/а Sanday Times, April 1989.а 20$




40аа - December 1989

ааааа A New Machine World/ Object Of Fantasy/ A New Career In A New Town/ Shamen On

ааааа You/ Fanzines/ A-Z Tracks/ Tap Smalls/ Pink Floyd'67/ About 800 see Pink Floyd Inааа ааа

ааааа Norfolk'67 / Q&A/ Another Side Of Diamond/ Two Of A Kind/ Fantasy In The Flash/

ааааа Quote Unquote. 20$


41аа - February 1990

аааааа Quote Unquote/ Startruck/ A-Z Tracks/ Thinking About Entropy/ A New Machine аHead 11/

аааааа The Pink Floyd Story pt8/ Sounds April 5'80/ NME Dec 8'79/ NME аApril 26'80/

аааааа MM May 19'79 / NME Aug 16'80/ NME July 19'80/ MM Aug 10'80/ Melody Maker,

аааааа March 29, 1980/ A Cover-Up!/ Digital Audio Special Nov'88/ Wailing Wall/ Tap Smalls/аа

аааааа Fanzines/ Q&A/ What In The World/ Quote Unquote/ Lets Parlez Franglais/ Tap Plugs/аа

аааааа Relics/Media Logs/ Flicks October 1989/ Stop Press. 20$


42аа - April 1990 - APRIL FOOL JOKE

аааааа Dance Side Of The Moon/ The Stage And Television Today,February 8,1990/ Speed Of Life/а

аааааа Liverpool Echo'85/ Would You Sell Your Story To Rolling аStone?/ Tap Smalls/ Fanzines/

аааааа NME 15th November 1975/ Beat Instrumental аFeb 1970/ A-Z Tracks/ Flapdoole Dealing/

ааааа Q30;March 1989/ Subterraneans/ Q36 September 1989/ Candy And A Current Bun/ Q&A/

ааааа Freaking Out With Pink Floyd'67/ NME Jan 24'70/ Beat Instrumental Jan 1971/ Tap Smalls/

ааааа Relics/ Media Log/Evening Press Jan 19'90. 20$


43аа - June 1990

аааааа Malcolm Jones/ A-Z Tracks/ Storm In a Bookcase/ BT:Dark Side Of The Moo/ Over The Top/

аааааа April 4'90/ Daily Telegraph April 25'90/ Fanzines/ Roy Harper: 'Once'/Tap Smalls/

аааааа He Bangs The Drums/ Sam Brown-'April Moon'/ News Of The World/ Q&A/ David Goes

ааа аааDotty/ The Thrill & The Hurting/ BT:Caught in the Crossfire/ Tap Plugs/ Relics. 20$


44аа - August 1990

аааааа Q&A/ The Wall On A Sunset Strip/ Stop Press/ Christies/ Berlin Wall Media аLog/ A-Z

аааааа Tracks/ Fanzines/ 150,000 Idiots In Wet Field/ 'Relics'On CD/ Disc April 24'71/аа

аааааа Propaganda:'1234'/ Paul Young:'Other Voices'/Tap Smalls/Media Log/

ааааа Birmingham Evening Mail:July 2 1990/ Relics. 20$


45аа - October 1990

аааааа Spitfires Ahoy!/ Sounds,July 12,1975/ Gotta Be Crazy/ Cellufloyd Heroes/

аааааа Bootle:A Floyd Free Zone/ Balls To The Wall/ A New School Wall/ Fanzines/

аааааа It's Only Vol Au Vent (But I Like It)/ Q&A/ The Sorcerer's Apprentice/ Book

аааааа Column/ A-Z Tracks/ BT:Pyramid Part One/ Tap Smalls/ Relics/ Media Log20$


46 аа- December 1990

аааааа Quote Unquote/ Stop Press/ Nesweek,March 10, 1980/ Newsweek Draft Version/

аааааа Melody Maker,Dec.29,1979/ Trouser Press,Feb 1980/ NME,Jan 12'80/ Hammers

аааааа Under The Hammer/а Fanzines/ A-Z Tracks/ Floyds Of London/ Q&A/ Dan Dares/

аааааа Tap Smalls / Media Log/а Relics. 20$


47аа - February 1991

аааааа The Return Of Ulysses/ A Flawed Gem/ Fanzines/ Q&A/аа The Gold It's In The.../

аааааа It's That Man Again/ Ohnotheragain/ Tap Plugs/ Can You Help Us?/ A-Z Tracks/

аааааа Quote Unquote/ BT:Bytes Of The Talysman, Caught In The Crossfire, Forbidden

аааааа Samples, From The Other Side, The Heart Of The Sun, Libest Spacement

аааааа Monitor, Music For Architectural Students, Psychedelic Session/ Fanzines/

аааааа Tap Plugs/ Quote Unquote/ Pearl's Singer/ Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em/ Waters' 87 Review/

аааааа The Confessions Of A Ligger/ Tap Smalls/ Relics/ Media Log. 20$


48аа - April 1991

аааааа Disc And Music Echo, August 8,1970/ Thieves In The Temple/ You Saxy Thing/

аааааа Tap Smalls/ Quote Unquote/а The Bleeding Hearts/ A-Z Tracks/ Fanzines/ Wot's..

аааааа Up The Deal/ Q&A/ Don't Try This At Home/ Bad Weather/ An Evening With Pink

аааааа Floyd/ Tap Plugs/ BT:Around The Mystic, Cracked, Dark Side Of The Sky, The

аааааа Early Singles, LiveWall, Rhapsody In Pink, Thanks For The Ride, Ultra Rare

аааааа Tracks Vol.1&2, Relics, Media Log. 20$


49аа - June 1991

аааааа Adventures Of The Famous 5/ Two Lost Souls/ The Observer,Jan22'89/а Quote аUnquote/

аааааа A New Machine/ Another Brick In The Warlus/ A-Z Tracks/ Fly By Night/ Q&A/

аааааа What A Long,Strange Trip/ Switching Channels/ BT:Amsterdam'69, Around The Mystic,

аааааа Black Holes In The Sky, Colourful Meadows, In the Flesh, The Last Gadgets Of Oximinus,

аааааа More Relics, Obscured At The Rainbow, Staying Home To Watch The Rain/ Fanzines/

аааааа Tap Smalls/ Relics/ Media Log. 20$


50аа - August 1991

аааааа Happy Birthday!/Berlin Wall Photographs/Quote Unquote/Tap Plugs/BT:Any

аааааа Colour You Like,The Best Of Tour'72,Crazy Diamonds,Enjoy The Silence,

аааааа In The Sky,Live In Montreux1971,The Live Pink Floyd,Nothing Is Changed,

аааааа One Of These Days,A Trick Of The Light,Welcome To The Machine/Coswallop!/

аааааа Competition Winners/You Must Be Joking/Family Tree/Joke's On You/Tap

аааааа Smalls/Fanzines/A-Z Tracks/The Tide Is(n't) Returning/Q&A/Media Log/

аааааа Relics. 20$


51аа - October 1991

аааааа Touched By Dave/ Quote Unquote/ A-Z Tracks/ NME,June 7,1975/ Print Floyd/ BT:

аааааа Eclipse, Mauerspechte, Oakland Coliseum, A Psychedelic Night-1&2, The Return

аааааа Of The Sons Of Nothing, Venetianight, Hammer Horor/ About Bloody Time!/

аааааа Mauve Alleys/ Roger Waters:A Tribute/ Q&A/ Planet Rock/ The Sun/ Tap Smalls/

аааааа Fanzines/ Relics/ Media Log/ The Sunday Telegraph,Aug 25'91. 20$


52аа - December 1991

аааааа Isolate The Winner/ Moles Or Something/ Natural Hystery/ Quote Unquote/

аааааа Circus'75/ Daybreak/ Yet Another Record/ Easy Pickings/ BT: In The Flesh, Life

аааааа Could Be A Dream, The Live Pink Floyd, Reversion Or Revalorization/ Fanzines/

аааааа The Art School Dance Goes On Forever/ Dance Decade/ A-Z Tracks/ Q&A/

аааааа Tap Smalls/ Media Log/ Relics/ Mr Schaffner' & Mrs Barrett' Death's/ Stop Press. 20$


53аа - February 1992

аааааа Tap Smalls/ Tap Plugs/ High Fidelity, Feb 1990/ From Genesis To Retrogradation/аа

аааааа Q&A/ Themselves On T.V./ A-Z Tracks/ Quote Unqute/ Beat аInstrumental,May '67/

аааааа Blowin' In The Wind/Pink Floyd In The Studio pt.2/ BT: From Undeground To The Moon,

аааааа A Journey Into Blues With The Pink Floyd/ Fanzines/Laugh? I Nearly Died/Relics/Media Log. 20$


54аа - April 1992

аааааа Fanzines/ Flashes From The Archives/ Brown Sugar/ Guitars n' Bears/ Tap аSmalls/ Tracks

аааааа That TAP Forgot/Q&A/The Post War Dream"Live!/ La Carrera Americanagain/ Tap Plugs/

аааааа BT:Brain Damage, Brutish Temptation, Embryo/ Relics/ Media Log. 20$

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