Ca Ira Premiere Postponed

Poznan the world premiere of Roger Waters opera premiere "Ca Ira" under a question is doubtful doubt. June 13 they announced that it would take place only up to the end of the August. The show was supposed to grace the celebration of the June of 1956.

The official announcement is saying that the postponement was given at the request of authors: author Roger Waters and producer and choreographer Janusz Jozefowicz. Reportedly it is dictated with the new production concepts, connected with the need to use the additional third stage. They are talking also about employing many another artists. Meanwhile when recently we visited the so-called casting of the show, the theatre was practically deserted. However authors of the premiere are optimists.

Nothing happened

Nothing bad happened. We are extending the show. August 25 will be richer. The show will turn up at it against 45 persons more than we established. We are involving the additional nonclassical ballet and additional actors - said co-producer Marek Szpendowski (Viva Art) adding that new ideas are taking time. In his view it is possible to celebrate the anniversary of the Poznan June-56 entire year. And if something is supposed to be a visiting card of Poznan, to render the city famous it is necessary to work everything out. Szpendowski thinks that rescheduling the premiere for two weeks is not making sense or else there will be a middle of holidays then. Therefore the date of the premiere was rescheduled to the end of the August.

It is worthwhile adding, that August 25 these are holidays also. The show is not sorting finances because budget is not fixed and sways are possible - said Marek Szpendowski adding that today it is hard to say how many to cost this premiere has.

Attempts with the orchestra started June 1st. Already soloists tried early. Since March they last for tests on choirs and costumes are being sewn. All together ready for June 25. Changes in the cast can happen but the show has three casts. To something concrete - with turning over Szpendowski - still too early. At the moment all persons are checking calendars.

The city gave, how many it is necessary

It is a pity that a postponement came. We would prefer so that the premiere takes place on July 7. But if it involves with television transmission, it will be profitable - said Poznan vice-president Maciej Frankiewicz adding that the city gave 500,000 zl to this premiere, because they recognised that it was an amount being enough. (But Marek Szpendowski said that they needed 1,500,000 zl).

With turning the local city government director Wlodzimierz Groblewski is fulfilling its obligations and he is treating his partners seriously. All purchased tickets are keeping their importance but persons not being able to not take part in the premiere in the new time, they can make a purchase of the turn in situ.

Artists are more careful

Artists are looking at the errand less optimistically. The Ringmaster lead, Wojtek Drabowicz is talking briefly: officially I am still knowing nothing. If the premiere undergoes August 25 I won't take part in it. On August 19 I am on the festival in Edinburgh. I am singing the main large roll in for "Mazepa" Piotr Tchaikovsky' opera with the Lyon Opera.

The boss of a Poznan boys' choir and the Academic UAM Choir Jacek Sykulski is worried also - it is colliding with my plans. It will be necessary to refresh everything. Early to take two weeks down of youngs of people from holidays. "Plan B" is a necessity - said Jacek Sykulski.

Will "Ca Ira" take place in this situation ? We are leaving the question open.

We are ready

Slawomir Pietras, the manager of the Teatr Wielki (Big Theatre) in Poznan: - I don't consider myself to be the producer "Ca Ira". We are ready in the Teatr Wielki. It is a producer isn't heading. August 25 is a deadline. Then we are entering already rehearsals of "Masked Ball" opera. So there are fates of Ca Ira premieres. It is necessary to predict certain temporary margin in order to keep up from realization.

(Marek Zaradniak special for Poznan Newspaper 14-06-2006)


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Posted: 16 june 2006 года

(Bob Close)

Опера Роджера Уотерса CA IRA в Польше


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