"WISH YOU WERE HERE : From Russia with Love."

David Gilmour
The Amazing Pudding

On July 19 '89, BBC 2's 'Rapido' ran a feature on
Pink Floyd in Moscow , including
1. film of the city itself,
2. interviews with fans
3. the Floyd in rehearsal
4. concert.

Most interest­ing was an interview with Dave Gilmour:

On the Moscow concerts...

I don't think anyone's ever come to Russia with a full show before. There have been concerts here *good ones* but they tend to be 'slimmed down' because of the expense. We said at the beginning of this whole thing that we weren't going to slim it down; we were just going to do the whole thing: lock, stock and barrel. I'm sure there's never been anything remotely like us here before. I think we will 'blow their minds', yes!

On reinstated Rick Wright...

Well, everything's fine. We've asked him to be part of it again. He's playing great, he's been doing what we want him to do and it's working very well. The sound and the contribution that he makes are part of what makes us sound the way we do. I can remember the first day when the three of us got back together and started playing on the boat (Dave's 'Astoria', a houseboat/studio moored on the Thames -Eds) - when we first started, it was like putting on a comfortable old pair of shoes (What a touching tribute - Eds)

On rumours of a solo career

All I've said, consistently - for ages - is that I don't have any plans at all. We don't have any plans at all past this tour. I don't have any plans to make any sort of record with Pink Floyd or on my own. I just want to let a little time go by and gather myself together and see what I feel like doing - see what we feel like doing.

Lovingly transcribed by Dave "Dave Walker" Walker.

Date news posted: 6 September 2005


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