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Roger Waters - the one who told the press to f*ck off!


Everyone under the sun has the power to change the way the world is arranged! (Roger Waters)

No one knows Roger from Adam on the streets of NYC.

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't old-Roger always hate the press and avoid the attention? Now he is allowing them access to some of his more personal moments-or more likely-calling them to show up for a photo op. [thinking about the links below] Not even the press-hungry people of Hollywood call the press to take a photo like that. I know that someone mentioned that he wanted publicity for his opera, but would photos of him having lunch do that and if so, wouldn't he call a bigger press service? I have never even heard of the place that took those photos below and I used to work with the press.. I think I like the old Roger better, the one who told the press to f*ck off! His manager would not call the press for a lunch date.... I have no idea, that is why I brought it up.... it seems so odd. A manager would never cross that line. The only explanation is that either Roger of his gf called the press so that they could 'just happen' to catch them. No one knows Roger from Adam on the streets of NYC. I just think it is strange that his personality has changed so much. I kind of liked old, bitter Roger!

New Roger interview in Synthesis magazine

Posted by Animals on 8/19/2005, 4:47 pm

Heads up! I just found out that the September issue of Synthesis will have a very politically minded Roger Waters interview. I also heard Synthesis is planning to Podcast the full unedited interview!
Great news!


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